In a casual blog post catching her reader ups on whats been keeping her busy in the recent months, founder and fashion blogger Angie Rox briefly explains what's to come for The Lint Shops' 'new', non-vintage inventory haul. 

"Its a very exciting time for the The lint Shop. I have a lot of new changes and upgrades that I'm currently implementing, company and site-wide. I've done the research and soul searching in order to tighten up and organize and figure out the direction that I wanted to take the shop. I really wanted to connect with my readers and customers on a more personal level and actually merge and blur the lines between THE LINT and THE LINT SHOP".


Just think basic, can't live without it, never take it off closet staples as seen on 'The Lint'. These include the 'BAND RINGS, round sunglasses, figaro and box chain necklaces and hopefully very soon retro digital watches and sterling silver ear cuffs.

'It was necessary if not mandatory to buckle down on my inventory base and really look at the demographics in order to find a niche as a vintage shop as well as take the store to a whole new level. There will also be more social integrations in addition to a huge vintage inventory overhaul. With a fresh face and image thats reflects my blog and style which will also be receiving an upgrade, I'm creating the stepping stones for the future of The Lint Shop."

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